The phrase “It’s all relative” means that everything is quantifiable in terms of individual perception or opinion.  In other words, we all have different viewpoints or opinions with regard to a subject or topic.  Examples, to me, would be:  I think it’s hot out;  she thinks it’s actually quite mild.  For instance, if the implication is “I’m from Siberia and I think it’s hot out; she’s from Georgia and thinks it’s quite mild” then “it’s all relative” makes sense.  Typically, the phrase is used as a way to say, “We are all looking at this differently, and neither of us is right or wrong.”  It means that the perception of something changes depending on it’s context.  “Twelve centimeters is tiny!”  “Not if you are an ant.”  “It’s all relative, isn’t it?”

Change the way you look at something and it is possible for you to change your life.  There is scientific evidence to support this statement.  The ability  to keep two ideas that contradict each other in you mind without feeling uncomfortable is the ultimate goal.  Find a vision that makes the world a better place.  Get the right mindset!  Your outside is a reflection of your inside.  Do affirmations, meditate, and be grateful.  We CAN create the life we want.  We have all of the tools and we can access unlimited resources.