Moral Literacy

Moral Education, the training of heart and mind toward the good, involves many things. It involves rules and precepts- the dos and don’ts of life with others- as well as explicit instructions and training. Moral education must provide training in good habits. Aristotle wrote that good habits formed at youth make all of the difference. It has also been said that there is nothing more influential, more determinant, in a child’s life than the moral power of quite example. For children to take morality seriously they must be in the presence of adults who take morality seriously. Children need to see with their own eyes adults take morality seriously. If we want our children to posses the traits of character we most admire, we need to teach them those traits and why they deserve both allegiance and admiration. We need to teach our children Virtues. Honesty, compassion, courage and perseverance are basic examples of virtue our children need to learn.

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