The first step to doing a life audit is to define our personal mission and write it down on paper. Quality advice will not be helpful if we do not know our personal mission. What is your vision?  What is your why? If we are not clear on our personal mission, it will be hard for us to conduct our Life Audit.

A personal mission statement is a written-down reason for being and many believe it is the key to finding our path in life. A  mission statement is focused on the practice of what we need to be doing. Personal mission statements are an important component of personal development. They force us to think deeply about our lives, clarify its purpose, and identify what is truly important to us. A personal mission statement will helps us articulate our values and beliefs, determine our personal definition of success, and share our talent with the world.

How to Write Your Personal Mission Statement

  1. Know your personality. Without a solid understanding of your basic personality traits, you’ll be frustrated and ineffective in your attempt to live up to your potential. …
  2. Know your values. …
  3. Know your interests and passions. …
  4. Know your strengths, talents and skills. …
  5. Write out your purpose or mission.

This seems easy enough, right?

Have you ever done a life audit?

“Unless you figure out where you are, you won’t get to where you want to go.”

What does it look like when life is going great for you? How can you find the underlying cause when things don’t feel so good? You can do a quick life audit of the key areas in your life. Life audits evaluate well-being not just in one area but in basically everything. They can mean massive changes to relationships, activities, career, and even what you put in your body. If you are like me and haven’t conducted your own life audit in a while, these are the top five areas we need to be asking ourselves questions about based on my research….

Asking ourselves searching questions about the five core areas of our lives – and answering them, honestly – can pay healthy and long-lasting dividends. So, just how should we do it?

Look at these five areas:

  • friends and family,
  • your love life,
  • inner or spiritual life,
  • career,
  • health.

You might want to focus on one area, or take a good look at your approach to all five, for a more holistic check-up. A holistic approach means thinking about the big picture. … In a medical setting, holistic refers to addressing the whole person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health, while taking social factors into consideration.

Essentially, a life audit is all about organizing your life and being honest with yourself: Whether you want to make a clean break, or simply a few key changes. You’ll be in control. This is why it was important to take time to check in with yourself occasionally. “How are we doing? Where are we going? What’s important now that perhaps wasn’t before?”. I am going to use my life audit to figure it out.

Has anyone else done a life audit recently? I welcome any advice!!

Just Write!!!

So, I have notebooks everywhere filled with my writing, and books galore about how to write. Every article I read says the same thing, essentially…just start writing! This is me starting…. I’ve actually had this blog since December of 2018. Yes, this is me committing myself to writing no matter how horrible it is in the beginning or how much I suck at it.

I feel like I’m 18 asking myself the same questions. Only this time I have the advantage of perspective. This time, the question I needed to be asking instead was: what will make me curious? What will keep me curious?

There are a ton of content sites on the Internet that are looking for people to write articles for them. In fact, people will pay you to write for them.

I want to live the happiest life possible and through trial and error, I’ve found that to accomplish that I need to be able to work for myself and have money to do the things I want to do. I am currently raising 12 year old twin boys and finishing my real estate course to obtain my real estate salesperson license in the state of Georgia. I practiced as a Registered Dental Hygienist for most of my career.

I can promise to show you how to be a better parent through sharing my stories.

I can promise to show you how to be better with money by sharing ways I have found to work.

I can promise to show you how to get the body they want by documenting my journey.

Basically, I am going to write.

Moral Literacy

Moral Education, the training of heart and mind toward the good, involves many things. It involves rules and precepts- the dos and don’ts of life with others- as well as explicit instructions and training. Moral education must provide training in good habits. Aristotle wrote that good habits formed at youth make all of the difference. It has also been said that there is nothing more influential, more determinant, in a child’s life than the moral power of quite example. For children to take morality seriously they must be in the presence of adults who take morality seriously. Children need to see with their own eyes adults take morality seriously. If we want our children to posses the traits of character we most admire, we need to teach them those traits and why they deserve both allegiance and admiration. We need to teach our children Virtues. Honesty, compassion, courage and perseverance are basic examples of virtue our children need to learn.

What I learned today…

“Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.” I have to get a vision for my life, otherwise I am on autopilot. This was revealed to me when I was asked a question that required me to access some painful memories. I realize now that I have been on autopilot most of my adult life! This is a harsh realization, but one I must face. From now on, I vow to be the Captain of My Life and I will be the one steering my ship. No more autopilot! With the love and support of the people I choose to let into my life, I will continue my journey while helping others along the way.

What I learned today is that I am not alone. There are others just like me trying to make some sense out of this thing we call life. I am an aspiring writer because I believe I can make a difference. I have learned that I can “Stand on the Shoulders of Giants” and I can also be a “Giant” to help others avoid unnecessary heartache.

“God Winks”

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt lost, aimless and adrift? Everything seems uncertain. Did you notice “signs?” Sometimes so obvious, that it made you laugh out loud? Often, when we are feeling lost, or not sure if this decision is actually the right one, God winks at us!! Every time you receive what some call a coincidence or an answered prayer, it’s a direct and personal message of reassurance from God to you– what I like to call a God wink. I think that it is God’s way of saying, “hey kid.. I’m thinking about you right at this moment. I’m proud of you. Everything is going to be alright.” That’s what a god wink is.

These God winks come in all different forms, but they are so discernible, I can not miss them!