“God Winks”

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt lost, aimless and adrift? Everything seems uncertain. Did you notice “signs?” Sometimes so obvious, that it made you laugh out loud? Often, when we are feeling lost, or not sure if this decision is actually the right one, God winks at us!! Every time you receive what some call a coincidence or an answered prayer, it’s a direct and personal message of reassurance from God to you– what I like to call a God wink. I think that it is God’s way of saying, “hey kid.. I’m thinking about you right at this moment. I’m proud of you. Everything is going to be alright.” That’s what a god wink is.

These God winks come in all different forms, but they are so discernible, I can not miss them!

It’s All Relative!

What does the phrase “ it’s all relative” mean to me?

The phrase “it’s all relative” means that everything is quantifiable it terms of individual perception or opinion. In other words, we all have different viewpoints or opinions with regard to a subject or topic. Examples, to me, would be: I think it’s hot out; she thinks it’s actually quite mild. For instance, if the implication is ” I’m from Siberia and I think it’s hot out; she’s from Georgia and she thinks it’s quite mild” then “it’s all relative” makes sense. Typically, the phrase is used as a way to say, “we are looking at this differently, and neither of us is right or wrong.” It means that the perception of something changes depending on it’s context. “Twelve centimeters is tiny!” “Not if you are an ant.” “It’s all relative, isn’t it?

Lion’s Whiskers: The Six Types of Courage

In our blog, Lion’s Whiskers, we refer to six different types of courage that we believe parents and children may require to face life challenges on the path ahead: Physical Social Moral Emotional Intellectual Spiritual Although many times we see a blend of two or more of these types of courage, there is generally one
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